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We drive sustainable

We drive sustainable

We drive sustainably

We aim to reduce total gas consumption in our company to zero in the future. This not only applies to the production process, but to every aspect of our operations. Like our forklift trucks, for example, which are now all electric.

This provides two major benefits:

1. It protects your health.
2. They do not product any CO2 emissions.

Health Benefits

A forklift truck fitted with an LPG engine emits harmful substances. Our measurements revealed that fumes lingered along the route travelled by a forklift truck for up to 10minutes. Air quality must be optimal for our employees. We were able to achieve that goal by replacing the forklift trucks with new all-electric ones.

An emission-free world

''Previously, we used to have discussions about emissions from furnaces and other processes in the plant. Those discussions were held beside a running forklift truck.'' - Roel Frissen, CTO at NedZink

So, it is still sometimes overlooked. Protecting our employees goes beyond just a safe production process. All the other related activities can also pose risks to the health of our people. The forklift truck was long considered harmless, but of course it wasn’t. Until now! Today, all our internal logistics operations are emission-free.

The challenges

A condition for replacing our forklift trucks was that they had to be able to move a minimum of 7.5 tonnes. However, suitable models had only just entered the market, so it took a little while before all the forklift trucks were replaced. Now that this has been achieved, all internal transport within NedZink is 100% electric.

On route to 100% clean transport

All internal transport is now 100% electric. Combined with our bicycle plan, this makes all transport on NedZink's site sustainable. A big step for us and a small contribution to the United Nations' 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.