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NedZink uses the world's most energy-efficient production method

NedZink uses the world's most energy-efficient production method

NedZink uses the world's most energy-efficient production method

With the construction of our new plant, we switched from a batch casting process to a continuous casting process. Sustainability always plays a role in every step we take; this applies to the past, present and future. Our old fleet of machinery was in use for more than 50 years through preventive maintenance, overhauls and modifications. In recent years, we have taken a big step forward by renewing our machinery. It has enabled us to reduce our gas consumption by 70%, and lower our CO2emissions. Our ambition is to reduce our gas consumption to zero in the future.

Modern machines

NedZink uses the most sustainable method to produce titanium zinc. An efficient and perfectly coordinated casting process produces a coil of Titanium Zinc of up to 10 tonnes. 

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Each coil produced hasto undergo three further operations after casting: annealing, cold rolling andslitting. This is how our Natural Zinc is produced. 

Our final operation, called slitting is performed on the slitting line. Here, the material is cut to the required width and length and flattened. This machine is also completely new and uses state-of-the-art technology. The renewal was necessary due to increased capacity from the casting process. The new slitting line offers more than double the capacity of our old line and can even reach speeds of 200m/min.

Efficiency has gone up tremendously with this almost fully automated production line. Much more material can be processed in the same time by the same number of operators.

Preventive maintenance

Our old machinery had quite a history. For years, we maximized the lifespan of these machines by imposing strict requirements with regard to preventive maintenance and optimization. Our new machinery will, of course, receive the same preventive maintenance, ensuring its durability in the future as well.

Continuous modernization

We have increased our production using less time, fewer operations, modern machinery and clean energy. That's how we produce the world's most sustainable titanium zinc.