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NedZink NEXT

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A sustainable initiative with which we further reduce our ecological footprint. With NedZink NEXT we go one step further by retrieving and reusing residual materials from customers.

A key objective for NedZink is to reuse as many raw materials as possible, which is why we want to join forces with our customers. We recently started collecting clean zinc, i.e. cutting waste and residual pieces, and then remelting them in our production process. Clean zinc and cutting waste is therefore returned to the chain in a high-quality manner. A win-win situation for all parties, with our customers also receiving a higher residual value for their cutting waste.

Besides recovering clean cutting waste, we have also started reusing wooden pallets. When delivering regular orders, we immediately take back any cutting waste present and our pallets. This also results in significant savings, in several respects. In this way, we are getting closer to the goal of achieving at least a 55% CO2 reduction by 2030 and being completely climate neutral by 2050.

We hope that our customers will embrace NedZink NEXT, but also that this initiative will motivate and inspire them to work on sustainability in their own way. Together with the chain, we can help reduce our ecological footprint even further!

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