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Investing in growth

Investing in growth

Investing in growth

An organisation’s people are its most important asset. And employees are people with dreams and ambitions. NedZink is keen to facilitate those ambitions. Through time and money. This sustainable investment in personal growth makes NedZinkers happy and enhances NedZink's processes and products.

Personal growth

NedZink encourages its employees to grow. Because when its employees grow, NedZink grows alongside them. Therefore, NedZink invests in any training that promotes this growth. By investing in training we not only achieve the growth, but also the safety of individuals and our processes. Our operational staff are fully supported with training in lifting, hoisting and reach truck activities. And we will continue to invest in this area in the future to improve quality and safety.

The start of your NedZink career

Comprehensive induction programmes are available for new NedZink employees. These programmes are a combination of education, training on the job and mentoring. The focus is on both theory and practice. New employees are also introduced to their roles under personal supervision with the introduction of our buddy programme. Combining these two initiatives promotes safety and satisfaction within NedZink.

Growth and development of individuals and processes

By investing in our employees, we not only achieve the personal growth of each individual, but also the development and increased sustainability of our processes and end products. We can achieve more together.