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Cycling is for everyone

Cycling is for everyone

Cycling is for everyone

Cycling is good for the planet and your health. That's why NedZink is investing in bicycles. Both on and beyond our company premises.

On our company premises, employees can get around on one of the NedZink bicycles we provide. And we’ve developed an attractive scheme through which employees can buy a private (electric) bicycle.

Cycling at work

Our company premises are too large to quickly get from A to B on foot. Therefore, NedZink provides bicycles for employees to use. Combined with electric vehicles for transporting materials, this results in 100% clean mobility on the company premises!

Cycling to work

About 60% of employees live within a 15 km radius. Cycling to work not only benefits your health, it's also better for the environment! Therefore, everyone who works at NedZink can buy a private (electric) bicycle via our health-boosting scheme.

Healthy and emission-free

Our internal transport produces 0% CO2 emissions and we promote the good health and the well-being of our people at the same time. This deceptively simple initiative allows us to contribute to the United Nations' 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.