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Bigger and more sustainable

Bigger and more sustainable

Bigger and more sustainable

In the context of sustainability, this may seem like a contradictory statement, but sustainability is also indirectly about efficiency. The more efficient your process, the more savings it provides. So by looking at how efficient something can be, you gain not only economic benefits, but also benefits in terms of emissions, consumption and waste product.

Fewer operations, less energy

Our brand-new production lines enable us to produce and process larger coils. More in the same time. More efficient, more constant and less waste to be melted down again.   

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By producing heavier coils, you need fewer operations performed by people and machines. The process used to be restarted after every 3.8 tonnes but now, coils of 7.5 tonnes are produced in 3-week batches. The machines are only stopped to carry out maintenance.

A sustainable development

Producing heavier coils means we now consume 7% less energy in our production process. A great win-win situation, literally fulfilling the words ‘sustainable development’ and a modest contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.